Bar Equipment with Smart Hospitality Supplies

Sometimes, when faced with the task of stocking up your bar with all of the equipment it needs to run smoothly, you need a little help. We are here to provide exactly that, by explaining what your bar might need and why. Simple.

Cocktail Muddlers

bar spoons muddlers

Cocktail Muddlers will help you release the flavours of your cocktail. The Muddler acts as a crushing device for your herbs, spices and fruits. Classic drinks like Mojitos and Old Fashioned’s require a Muddler, so for anyone making these cocktail classic, a Muddler will be an absolute must have item.

Spirit Pourers

Spirit pourers simply mean that a bartender can pour more quickly and more accurately. The air holes mean that air doesn’t get in between the pour and cause a “glug” to happen. The spirit can feely move through the spout. This helps with speed, but also means that the pour is more fluid, meaning that you can time it more accurately.

There are even speed pourers that will measure the amount of liquid for you. A measured spirit pourer can measure standard spirit measures of 25ml and 50ml.

Pour & Store

A pour and store container is an all in one solution for speed and organisation. You can prepare your sour mixes and juices, store them in the fridge, and then put their pouring lid on them for service. pour and stores come in different colours so that you can colour code your mixers so that you can easily pick the correct ones out during service. The lid incorporates a spirit pourer for ultimate convenience. These bottles are perfectly suited to being lined up on a speed rail for all staff to be able to grab from an easy to reach place.

Spirit Brackets

Whilst a spirit pourer can be a good way of pouring whilst allowing you to add a bit of flair to your servery, spirit brackets can allow you to display your spirit range proudly. Our spirit brackets can hold a bottle of liquor with a bar optic at the bottom. Brackets can be wall mounted, clamped to a shelf or free-standing. Our free-standing versions are on a rotary system so that you can easily get to the bottles at the back.

Bar Optics

A bar optic goes hand in hand with a spirit bracket. Simply place the optic on the top of the bottle, flip it upside down and attach to the bracket. The allows for a gravity fed system with will display, pour and measure your serves for you. The bar optic is perfectly sized to hold a certain capacity of fluid, it releases the fluid only when a glass is places below with force.

Spirit Measures and Wine Measures

spirit measures

The classic bar measure is a cylindrical vessel which holds a specific amount of liquid. A jigger takes the same idea, but has two different sized measures on top of each other, meaning that you can pour two different sized measures depending on which way up you have your bar jigger. A jigger makes for an incredibly convenient, whilst classic style measuring device, perfectly suited to a flair based cocktail bar.

Wine Coolers

Wine coolers are a great way of serving wine to ensure that it remains chilled. Our insulated coolers contains just one bottle of wine with ice and water, ensuring that it remains cool for longer. choose from many different styles to serve your wine in a stylish way that suits your branding. Some of our coolers come with handles incorporated in to their design, making them very convenient and easy for staff and guests to carry.

Champagne Coolers

Champagne coolers are similar to wine coolers but are normally larger, allowing for more bottles to be added, keeping each other cool, whilst creating an impressive display. Again, many different styles of coolers are available from our collection, so make sure you get the right one to suit your needs.

Ice Scoops & Ice Tongs

Our ice scoops and ice tongs are made of metal. This is a benefit over plastic and glass versions as when metal scoops become very cold, they don’t go brittle, meaning that they are less likely to break. The scoops in our range have hollow handles to ensure that there is better insulation, keeping the handle warmer. You might choose a perforated scoop to allow for drainage, ensuring that only ice, and no water is being put in the drink.

Bar Caddies

A bar caddy allows you to allow guests to help themselves to straws, napkins, et cetera, whilst keeping them nice and organised. Place them on your bar for a great display solution. Smart Hospitality Supplies have a larger selection of bar caddies than anyone else on the market, allow you to choose between wood, acrylic and steel.

Bar Condiment Trays

Condiment trays are designed to keep your fruit condiments fresh whilst also making them easy to grab to garnish your drinks. All lined up in one neat storage solutions, the individual trays can be removed for cleaning and restocking. The lids on these trays allows you to keep your condiments fresh whilst not being used, to ensure that your presentation is kept to the highest standards.

Condiments, Juices & Syrups

bar condiments

Essential for every cocktail bartender, Smart Hospitality Supplies now stock a range of pre-made bar mixes and juices. These are perfect for use in our Pour & Stores. Choose from lemon and lime bar mixes for your cocktails to lemon juice, lime juice, mango puree, passion fruit puree, raspberry puree, strawberry puree and white peach puree. Our wide range of drinks syrups are compatible with syrup pumps meaning that less mess is made and the syrup is easier to get to.

Cocktail Strainers

Hawthorne strainers are the perfect bar strainers in accompaniment to a Boston shaker. Almost sized to perfection, these strainers allow you to place them straight on top of the can whilst pouring, meaning no chance of any mess and less chance of your guests receiving a piece of unwanted ice or fruit.

Julep strainers and mesh strainers work in similar ways to a sieve. simply place them above what you are pouring in to and they will catch any unwanted solids. These can be useful when a Boston can isn’t being used in the process.


Often, bartenders want their ingredients to be as fresh as possible, that’s why they use a juicer. Innovative solutions are available to squeeze, contain and pour the juices. We offer methods of being able to squeeze strain straight in to the glass with a one handed juicer, or table top juicers that will strain and pour the juice in a convenient and innovative way.

Bottle Openers

bottle openers corkscrews

A bartender would be nowhere if they couldn’t open bottles. Bottle openers come in many different forms with benefits of each. Bar blades allow the user to flair by spinning the bar blade around fingers. The end of the blade has a circular ring on the end to allow for flaring in this exact way.

A waiters friend is an all in one solutions, bottle opener, knife and corkscrew. A clever leverage system allows for corks to be pulled off simply.

Wall mountable bottle openers make for free handed bottle opening. With an attached bin, this is the quickest and cleanest method of opening bottles. The beauty of a wall mounted bottle opener is that you will never lose it!

Cocktail Shakers

Boston shakers are by far the most popular cocktail shakers due to their simplicity and compact size. Some people even serve the cocktails straight from the shaker! These can be used in conjunction with a shaker glass to form a sealed shaking device. Due to the Boston cans flexibility, this can be done extremely tightly whilst not risking breaking the glass.

French cocktail shakers are less commonly used, but are extremely convenient, not relying on other equipment. These include a lid and a strainer all in one compact vessel.

Mixing Glasses and Dash Bottles

Mixing glasses allow you to mix your cocktails in the glass whilst having a handy spout for easy pouring. These are often used in conjunction with julep strainers and stirring spoons to allow for a stirred, rather than shaken mix.

Dash bottles are glass bottles with spouts on, which can allow the pourer to add a small amount of liquid to their mix.