Bar Service with Smart Hospitality Supplies

Serving drinks correctly is half the battle in leaving a great impression on your customers – and when you leave a great impression, they will keep coming back for more! We have set up this guide to explain all of the items that you will need to serve drinks with professionalism in your bar that will keep your customers wanting more.

Bar Napkins

Serving a napkin with your drink is almost expected in high-end bars in recent times. Bar napkins are generally a smaller version of dinner napkins at 25cm x 25cm. They allow you to give off a professional image. We have many different colour options allowing you to add your own style, or choose a bespoke napkin which will put your logo in front of all of your guests.

white paper napkin on old wooden table

Menu Boards

Rather than handing your guests a piece of paper with your drinks list on, consider a menu board. This will not only make your presentation look more professional, but will also stop your menus from disintegrating from bar spillages! A menu board can not only hint at the quality of your drinks but can also work in to your interior design, making your menu look far more at home within its surroundings.

Bar Trays

Bar Trays are essential for your staff efficiency and for customer ease. Being able to carry a full order of drinks through in one go is almost impossible without a good bar tray. Our selection of trays are specially designed for professional bar use and have anti-slip technology to ensure that carrying drinks is made as easy as possible.

Drinking Straws

Plastic straws may be out, but with Smart Hospitality Supplies, you have the option of sustainable versions. Our paper straws are being used all over the UK as the most popular replacement for plastics. Drinking straws not only look great as part of the serve, but encourage your guest to enjoy the drink more by forcing them to drink more slowly.

Drinking Straws

Bar Mats, Drip Trays & Bar Accessories

Bar mats will ensure that your bar remains tidy whilst also providing a grippy surface to secure glasses from slipping over a slippery bar.

Collecting glasses is an essential task to ensure that your venue doesn’t look messy and that your bar doesn’t run out of glasses. To make the process easier and more efficient, invest in a glass and bottle carrier. Not only will this save your staffs time, but it will look more professional and be much more hygienic.

Bar Signs

Ensure your customers know your offers as well as your bar rules. Peg boards are a stylish way of showing off your beer list, wine list or special offers. They are really simple to use, simply pin the letters on the board in the order that you want them!

You might be obliged to display certain licensing laws dependent on your bar license agreement. However, bar signs stating your rules means that every one of your customers knows what is expected from them.

Bottle Bins & Ashtrays

A lot of waste is created in the bar. Having a decent sized bottle bin at your disposal will mean that you will have to empty the bin less. Our bottle bins have wheels and come in slim-line versions so they are really easy to transport to outdoors and back in again.

Although smoking in public spaces is banned, likelihood is, you will still have some customers that smoke. Providing ash trays where you can, means that you won’t have to clean up after your customers and your entrances will remain nice and tidy. As trays are especially important if you have outdoor seating areas!