Food Photography

If you run a successful restaurant or bar, the quality of your food photography and drink photography is one of the single-most important investments you will ever make.

“We capture colour, texture, taste, temperature, aroma, fizz, sparkle, fresh, clean, crisp, mouth-watering images of food & drink.”

At Smart Hospitality Marketing, we have captured thousands of images over the years that are featured heavily in our clients’ advertising and marketing material. Our food photographers work alongside our food stylists to ensure that all your snaps deliver.

Whether the object of your food photography is temptation, desire, awareness, or simply for promotional advertising; we will carefully work with you to ensure your key messages are at the very core of the images produced.

Our food photography is consistently noted for intuitive and careful preparation, staging, and lighting techniques that really inject life and vibrancy into each photograph.

We routinely supply our hospitality clients with high quality and dramatic food photography for use in menus, brochures, marketing material, publications and on the internet. In the cold light of day, your customers’ decision making process is driven by preconceived ideas of what you have to offer, and the calibre of that offer. What can portray this better that high quality, creative food and drink photography?

We capture every single image at a large format size. This enables us to utilise the pictures across a wide range of media; including, custom food photographs for advertising and marketing, website and digital applications, as well as food and product packaging.

The adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” could not be more true when it comes to tackling emotive and desirable subjects such as food photography and drink photography. It is a fact that good quality pictures sell a product better than any other information that you can give to somebody.