Restaurant Web Design

Smart Hospitality specialise in design and web development for the Hospitality and Leisure sector.  

We understand what it takes to make your venue stand out from the crown and we hone 10 years of digital experience into creating visually stunning websites for venues all over the world.

We understand and appreciate the effort and skill that you invest in making your venue unique and special. We invest the equivalent amount of experience and expertise into ensuring that the online face of your organisation conveys your key messages, highlights your individuality and drives interest and customers to your venue.

Web Design for Restaurants, Pubs, Clubs and Bars

So, logo’s done, stationery’s printed, sign’s up, menu covers are on tables and chef’s on standby – check; surely everything’s in place and you’re ready to go, right? Wrong!

Whilst you will attract a passing footfall, granted, many potential customers will no nothing of your existence! You could be situated right in the heart of a buzzing city centre but, with so many people now turning to the internet to search for a place to dine out (particularly when it comes to looking for special offers and discounts), you could rapidly be losing business to your competitors without even realising it.

What do you need from a website then?
Well, it’s simple: a fully functioning and effective website for your restaurant to kickstart your cyber-journey. Regardless of how novice you are (and believe us when we say some of the best of us were once in your very shoes), turning to online marketing may be your most savvy business move yet.

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At Smart Hospitality, we specialise in restaurant web design; offering both brochure style and CMS platforms, with the option to integrate online menus and bespoke table booking systems.

A professional brochure style website is exactly that; a virtual sales’ brochure (without the continued cost of printing and postage). The usual ‘page suspects’ for restaurant brochure style websites include a Home Page, an About Us, Company History, Staff Bios, Products and Services, a Contact Us and SiteMap page, as well as Feedback and Testimonials.

Restaurant web design is the perfect platform to show-off your venue and your food. Professional photographs of your stunning dishes, exquisite cocktails and classy interiors can be utilised throughout the whole of your site; including, backgrounds, images, banners and adverts. Blogs and galleries are also incredibly useful for posting up-to-date images of new menu items, events and other news.

What’s so great about brochure style websites is that you have room to rave about you, your staff and your product. As well as photography, you can use videos, feedback forms and links to social media to really promote user interaction.

You may be thinking ‘how the hibbidy jibbidies can I do all of this’? Well, fear not. At Smart Hospitality, we build all of our restaurant brochure style websites using concise, easy-to-use, content managed backend systems. This is so you can make changes to your website in the future (as and when you need to), with absolutely no hassle. This will save time and enable you to continuously market and promote your business completely free of charge (once the hard graft has been put down by us of course).

With all our brochure style, content managed restaurant web designs, we can integrate online menus and ‘live’ table booking systems if required. An online menu is exactly that; your food and drink menu live on your website in a ‘downloadable’ format. If customers can see the type of food of you serve, and an indication of its quality (when perhaps they wouldn’t otherwise come your way), you could be instantly boosting your sales by incorporating one.

A table booking system is a software that enables you to take online bookings for your restaurant and manage these in one central place. You can access this from anywhere with an internet connection, multiple staff can edit and book on the same diary without the risk of overwriting or double booking, and you can build a database for email marketing and customise it based on their spend history.

It really is imperative that you start to use the potential of the internet…
…as a form of your marketing, especially with mobile device sales (such as smartphones and tablets) up by 300% in 2013 alone. It is actually proven (in the UK) that we now spend more time on our phones and mobile devices shopping than we do making phone calls, and this includes looking for restaurants and making table bookings. Madness!! Just think of all that extra business waiting to find you.