Cooking up success with Jamie Oliver!

Cooking up success with Jamie Oliver! 0- Smart Hospitality Supplies

The Union Jacks Restaurant is the innovation of two of the world’s most inspiring cooking minds in Jamie Oliver and Chris Blanco. The two bonded over a shared passion for attractive ingredients, cooked mainly in wood-fired ovens.

The menus are a created through a mixture Chris’s technical proficiency and Jamie’s passion for quality ingredients.

The concept for the business ethos is mirrored across the design of the restaurant, focusing on British heritage and culture.

When the time came for the restaurant to find a provider for their menu holders, they looked no further than The Smart Marketing Group.

Requirements of the Union Jacks Restaurant

  • Padded PVC Menu Holder in a selection of colours to mirror the British flag
  • A4 Tag Fixings
  • Gold Foil Artwork

Retro menu holders adding a traditional touch to a truly British time-honouring restaurant

With the British retro design of the restaurant, it was paramount that the menu holders fitted in suitably with the surroundings. The menu holders feature a stylish A4 padded welded PVC cover in a selection of Red, Blue and Green to coordinate perfectly in the Union Jack’s nostalgic surrounds.

The padded PVC menu cover is a very popular choice with its hard wearing nature, its durability and its simplistic style. The menus are made from a welded PVC and as standard each menu cover will house two menu sides. Additional pockets can be welded inside to show a total of 14 pockets.

The ideal discreet menu holder fixing

Each menu holder was supplied with A4 tag fixings, which are ideal for holding PVC pockets securely within the menu holder.

The Golden finish

Each menu cover has been printed with the Union Jack’s Restaurant Logo finished in a unique gold foil rounding off a stunning, retro style collection of menu covers that house the restaurant’s menu superbly well.

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