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Menu Covers created by a Professional Design Studio…

Menu Covers are a leading product range here at The Smart Marketing Group and we create some of the very best menu covers available on the market today. We achieve this through intuitive thought processes, attention to detail, listening to the customer and applying years of experience in menu cover design and manufacturing.

One of the key advantages to using The Smart Marketing Group for a restaurant menu cover project is that we are an experienced Graphic Design Services firm with over 10 years of experience in pushing the boundaries in commercial design.

We live for quality graphic design and the team that we have at present, we are exceptionally proud of. Our passion for quality design shines through when we are involved in helping a client to create a stunning range of menu covers and accessories for their venue.

We have helped to create thousands of quality menu cover products over the past 10 years so we know what works when it comes to materials and finishing techniques.

Menu Covers

So many venues have exciting interiors these days that we really can get creative with the graphic design elements of a project. We have worked with countless London venues ranging from the traditional gourmet style venue, to avant-garde restaurants and venues who are pushing the boundaries of interior and graphic design.

The more traditional and prestigious venues have exceptionally high expectations of quality and materials utilised for menu cover and guest room folder projects, they utilise material such as top-grade leather, suede, real wood and vivella, to name but a few. All of these materials can be fully personalised with coloured hot foils and embossing techniques.

We are one of the few companies in the UK who can actually offer full coverage print onto material prior to making up the product.

The more avant-garde venues lean towards contemporary finishes for menu covers and guest room folders, such as patterned fabrics, vibrant colours of buckram and trendy translucent acrylics. These materials can also be fully personalised with the names of the restaurant or venue using a full range of techniques.

We have developed an amazing full colour printed product which allows us to manufacture a menu cover product from a photographic image. The image can cover the entire menu, front and back which looks fantastic. We have recently completed a project for a venue in Portugal and incorporated a range of finishing techniques.

We manufactured the menu cover from a full colour printed material that was then matt laminated to ensure that the product has a good lifespan. The printed menu was also foil blocked with the venue name across the front and the result was simply stunning. This particular venue has recently contacted our company to create another set of menus for a different venue in their group, using the same techniques, but with a different photographic image and foil colour. Take a look at the image below:

Printed Menu Covers

There are so many materials available these days that we really can deliver the product that the client is dreaming of…

With access to every major material supplier in the UK, and Europe, Smart are able to source custom material types to manufacture a truly bespoke menu cover product. One of the key areas of interest for our design team is to look at the interior decor of a restaurant and compliment this existing design with the table top accessories. We have been known to request samples of the wallpaper and paint colours of a venue so that we can get it exactly right!

Many of our materials are sourced directly from UK manufacturers, the range is vast and incorporates many different material types, colours and pattern variations. The range of materials that we source from Italy is truly amazing. We import some of the finest leathers and fabrics in the world, to create stunning ranges of menu covers and matching restaurant accessories.

Italian materials are usually ordered for larger manufacturing runs and more bespoke requirements. The material will usually be ordered on a roll that has a minimum length requirement, this can make it a non-starter for small orders and we then rely upon the fact that over the years we have built up a substantial collection of roll ends and off cuts, we will usually have something in stock for the smaller quantity.

This works out fantastic for the customer as they get to incorporate a high quality Italian fabric into their project design, and yet don’t face the problem of ordering fifty times more material than they require, quite obviously this would not be financially viable, once again, here at The Smart Marketing Group, we have an intelligent solution to this potential problem.

Menu Cover Material Swatches

Why do we deliver an unparalleled design and manufacturing service…

We have the ability to push the boundaries of textile manufacturing when creating menu covers. Designers, being designers, will always push things as far as the manufacturing team allow, and then push them a little further! It is a designers prerogative to explore and give the manufacturing guys downstairs a headache.

We work with materials and techniques available to create the most stunning ranges of menu covers, guest room folders, bill presenters, placemats, coasters and all other dining and table top accessories available anywhere in Europe. This is why we supply just about every single major hotel chain, restaurant, celebrity chef, night club, pub and venue with personalised products.

Working with design elements, materials, fabrics and tactile elements to create an emotional response from the visitor is what it’s all about. Heightening the restaurant visitors experience is the ultimate aim, it stands to reason that a happy customer, is a paying customer.

A happy customer will refer other guests to your restaurant and return themselves, so good quality design and presentation is of paramount importance. You will know yourself that it really is the little things, and attention to detail, that counts when judging the overall experience of a night out.

Having studied interior design at University a number of years ago, this area of business at The Smart Marketing Group is of particular interest for myself. I really enjoy the creative process with the client, working with their artwork, graphic design and product layout to really exceed their expectations. I love seeing the product prototype from production, and then liaising further with the client to finalise the design and the product specification.

It is extremely rewarding when we see the final menu cover product in situation at the restaurant. Next time you pick up a menu cover, anywhere in the UK, there is a very good chance that it has been designed and manufactured by us here at The Smart Marketing Group.

Printed Menu Covers