Entice Your Guests With Specials Lists

Despite the popularity of Specials Lists in the restaurant world, many venues miss this opportunity and as a result, miss out on vital business.

Mix it Up


Most people hate change – especially your regulars! However, Specials Lists are a great way of updating your menus without removing any popular dishes. By introducing a handful of dishes, weekly or monthly, you can increase interest in your food and boost sales. Moreover, some venues choose a ‘Dish of the Day’, another effective way to liven up your daily menu.

Work Locally & Seasonally


Diners have recently experienced an increase of interest in local and seasonal food. Alongside your daily menus, it is beneficial to implement these factors in to your specials lists. This could be employing guest products, such as local cheeses, vegetables or meat which can be used in seasonal dishes, such as wintery soups and summery salads.

Creative Opportunity for Chefs


A Specials Menu is also a great way of boosting creativity in your kitchen. Alongside your daily menu, Specials can boost imagination and originality. Even more so, your chefs will have the freedom to stretch out and perhaps even challenge culinary conventions. By allowing your chefs to branch out or focus on their main speciality, you will consequently boost morale around your kitchens.

Effectively Display Your Specials


We have a range of products perfect for effectively showcasing your specials menu. From Large Pavement A-Boards to Table Top Chalkboards and Wooden Menu Boards to Hanging Chalkboard Menu Boards, make sure you display your specials for all to see, to improve awareness and sales.

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