Marketing Material Design

Do you have a special event coming up? Is it time to send out your Christmas menu? Do you need a separate brochure to give away to clients detailing your wedding and corporate packages at an upcoming trade show?

Whatever you need to shout about, and however you want to present this information, our talented and experienced graphic designers will ensure that your marketing material is 100% original and has that all-important competitive edge.


Smart Hospitality can help you to design the following marketing material:

  • Advert design for printed publications
  • Brochure material
  • Leaflets, flyers and mailers
  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • Food and drink menus
  • POS and display stands
  • Vehicle wraps and stickers
  • Exhibition stands and pop-up banners
  • Signage and large format, outdoor banners

Truly compelling marketing material will tell a story, engage with your target audience and compel your prospects to take action.

You must be savvy and put your business head well and truly on when it comes to your marketing material design. Flyers, business cards and leaflets are not just scraps of paper floating around your venue or the streets enveloping your location. Once in the hands of your target audience and established customers, they hold the power to dramatically increase your hotel or restaurant’s revenue stream. Do not underestimate the potential of tangible marketing – something which is easily done in this intensely digital world.

At Smart Hospitality, not only do we design all of your marketing material, we also print and deliver the items straight to your door. With our state-of-the-art, wide-format printers, we create and produce large scale items; such as exhibition stands and pop-up banners.


As a leading, industry-specific, creative graphic design & marketing agency, we promote our hotel and restaurant clients through corporate branding, logo design, web design and printed media.

All of these marketing elements are uniquely conceived (yes, they are ‘our babies’) by our professional in-house graphic designers. Our breadth of skills ensures that your communication is clear, consistent and evenly applied across all of your business material.

In a marketplace where creating genial first impressions is absolutely vital, your graphic design must reflect your core values simply and effectively. Creative graphic design isn’t just about style and colouring: its a means of delivering the essence of your brand and communicating your marketing messages to the right people, in the best media, and at the right time. Right, left, right, left …it’s all about the strategy.