New Smart Menu Boards for Britains Oldest Brewery

Shepherd Neame might be the oldest Brewery in Britain, but its menu boards are brand new. The historic company has chosen stylish menu boards from Smart Hospitality to promote the delicious drinks they offer inside.

This historic brewery is somewhat of a tourist attraction in the town of Faversham, Kent and it is a very important part of the history of the area. Here at Smart Hospitality we are honoured that our menu boards were chosen to be used at this very important local brewery.


Next time you are heading into Shepherd Neame for a pint, take a look at the products advertising the specials. You will notice that they are our Buckram Menu Boards, which are designed with parallel bars top and bottom and corner retainers in each corner. These trendy and stylish products are available in several sizes and a comprehensive range of colours – including metallic options. Clear protective acetate sheets are also available to protect the menu.

Shepherd Neame were looking for something that would create the authentic, timeless look of their historic brewery – which is why they chose these subtle, elegant and attractive Menu Boards.

If you are looking for a great menu product for your pub, restaurant or café why not consider one of these designs? Menu boards are a great way to catch the attention of people passing by on the street, show off your menu and let them know about the delicious treats that are waiting for them inside. Many customers like to view the menu to get an idea of what to expect, before they decide to come inside and have a drink or a bite to eat.

A Tasty Pint with a Long History

The history of the brewery known as Shepherd Neame began in 1698, when the mayor of Faversham Captain Richard Marsh founded his own brewery over an artesian well in the Court Street. At the time the town was a bustling port and it already had a long established brewing tradition that dated back to the 12th century. When Marsh died in 1727, the brewery was passed into the hands of his family. In 1741 the ownership passed to Samuel Shepherd, who was a member of a prominent landowning family.

The name changed a few times as various partners joined the firm, from Shepherd & Hilton to Shepherd and Mares. Eventually Percy Beale Neame joined the partnership in the year 1864 and the brewery was renamed Shepherd Neame & Co. Percy laid the foundation of the successful brewing company of today and this was passed on by his sons when he died. The brewery is still owned by the family Neame.

Now that Shepherd Neame has lasted into the 21st century, they are an important part of Kent’s brewing heritage – considered the most valuable hop growers in East Kent. The company exports its filtered beers and cask ales to 20 countries and they churn out around 230,000 barrels of beer and ale every year. They have over 360 pubs and establishments around Kent and in London and Essex.


Take a Sip of History

Next time you are in the town of Faversham, stop into the brewery for a delicious pint. Try the Bishop’s Finger, which is a full bodied cask-conditioned ale with complex fruit flavours. Or the Early Bird Spring Hop, which is a light-gold beer that is full-bodied and distinctive with a malty undertone. Another popular choice is the Master Brew, which is the bestselling cask ale in Kent and has a unique mid-brown bitter ale taste.

Of, if you like a drink that is good for the environment you might want to try the Whitstable Bay Organic Ale. This ale has a light flavour and it is made with organic hops from New Zealand and traditionally farmed malted barley from England. Approved by the Vegetarian Society and the Soil Association, it is a delicious and eco-friendly drink.

Shepherd Neame is always a welcoming and friendly place to stop and wet your whistle. And when you do, take a look at how sleek, elegant and sophisticated the Menu Boards look! Here at Smart Hospitality we are proud to know that our Buckram Menu Boards are being used to advertise drinks and foods at Britain’s Oldest Brewery.


Because of this, we have become a small part of the history of this Kent brewing tradition. Let’s raise a glass and toast to Shepherd Neame, may they continue to brew delicious ales for many more centuries and here at The Smart Marketing Group we look forward to supplying them with menu and hospitality products moving forwards.