Our Dedication to the Environment

At Smart Hospitality Supplies we care about the environment and value high quality. That’s why we use as many sustainable materials as we can without compromising on our high standards.

We offer a whole range of sustainably sourced materials for use with our menu folders and are contually working to ensure that we are sourcing and using the best materials for not only our clients, but our environment as well.

Bonded Leather

menu cover bonded leather material closeup

Along with the huge amount of simulated leathers we use, we also offer a Bonded Leather Material to form the outer layer of our Guest Information Folders, Menu Covers, Bill Presenters, etc. Bonded Leather is a recycled material which is made of 85% genuine leather fibres and waste retrieved from tanneries. The Bonded Leather Menu Covers are available in many different types of grains and colours, some of the grains give a beautiful marble effect. Although they look, smell and feel like genuine leather, our Bonded Leather products come in at a cheaper rate than the Real Leather products.

Wooden Products

real wood

Sustainable forestry is a key issue in the world of environmentalism. As younger trees absorb carbon dioxide at a faster rate than matured trees, it is essential that forests are cared for and well managed. All of our wood is FSC Certified, meaning is it obtained from sustainable sources. This ensures that no illegally logged timber enters our supply chain and we can rest assured that the wood we are using is high quality and has a positive impact on the environment. The covers you see imaged above are our Real Wood Menu Covers which are crafted with a unique wooden spine and a luxury smooth finish.

Or consider our buckram and hessian materials which are made from 100% cotton and have been used for hundreds of years for their durability, meaning that waste will be kept at an absolute minimum. No matter what you’re looking for, you can be sure that our products have been chosen whilst being mindful of our impact socially and environmentally.