The Leather Ladder

The Leather Ladder - Smart Hospitality Supplies

For this very reason, at SMG we offer a range of different interpretations of leather at various prices so you have the option to choose what is best for your venue.

All our leather types are equipped for book-binding so it really is down to personal preference as to which grain you choose:
you need to think of the environment your menus will reside – will this be solely indoors, will your menus be used in the evenings, what about events…
questions such as these will help you to determine the supposed longevity of a product, as well as its cost.

There are three distinct differences to the leather options we offer…

Bicast leather:

Padded PVC Menu Covers

The Bistro Menu Covers

* Bicast leather, which is often also referred to as bycast, split or PU leather, is a split leather with a layer of polyurethane applied to the face, which is then suppressed.

* PU leather was originally used by the shoe industry, but is now used more frequently by the furniture industry.

* Bicast leather is considerably cheaper than top grain leather, but is arguably more robust in terms of general wear and tear, and cleaning. It is an incredibly popular choice for venues that serve a lot of different customers on a daily basis, somewhere where a lot of drinks are served, and the same menu is used for various courses, evening entertainment and events.

Bonded leather:

Stitched Hide Simulated Leather Menu Covers

Elephant Grain Menu Covers

Classic Vivella Menu Covers

Classic Bonded Leather Menu Covers

Hydra Recycled Leather Menu Covers

* Bonded leather (or reconstituted leather )is a material made from different degrees of genuine leather shared with other substances to give the illusion of real leather.

* Once again, this option comes at a snippet of the price of 100% genuine leather.

* It is a very good and widely used material by furniture manufacturers, bookbinders and fashion/jewellery makers alike.

* Some bonded leathers contain a greater quantity of real leather and ensure genuine leather is indeed the main content in the product’s surface, hence the leathery smell you often find with such products. ?* Bonded leather is perhaps the most used material by menu cover manufacturers worldwide.

100% Genuine Leather:

Real Leather Menu Covers

*Full-grain leather then is correct to hides that have not been tampered with in order to remove imperfections or natural marks on the surface of the hide.

*The entire grain remains in its natural state allowing the best fiber strength and durability.

*Some of the finest leather furniture and footwear products are made from 100% natural leather and there is a distinct smell and feel to this.

*For example, one way to test if leather is full-grain is to lightly scratch its surface with your nail. If it leaves a lighter-colored streak, then you know its the real deal.

So, now you know what leathers are in our ladder, we’ll leave the rest up to you.

Regardless of which option you choose for your venue in the end, know that SMG have tested all of their leather options time and time again over the years to ensure that only the very best options are available. Whether its bicast or 100% natural leather, each and every material is of a perfectly sound quality and the finishing result is always top-notch.

Simply call our menu cover experts today to discuss your requirements and request samples prior to purchase.