Modern Materials

Modern Materials - Smart Hospitality Supplies

Whilst many venues want to keep it traditional when it comes to their menu covers, there is a growing number of establishments who want something a bit more contemporary, and colourful.

With this in mind, Smart Hospitality Supplies have successfully introduced several new material ranges over the last five years, igniting a somewhat shift towards more innovative finishes throughout the industry as a whole. 

New Paper-over-Board Ranges:

If you have a look at the following menu cover ranges: Bling MetalX, Pellaq and Artboard, you will see that many of these new coverings work on the same principle; paper-over-board.

Pellaq by Skivertex:

The Pellaq material (for example) is part of the Skivertex line, a premier paper based material, chosen by designers for its striking visuals: it features a high gloss simulated leather texture in four high-end reptile patterns.

Furthermore, Pellaq is colourfast and moisture resistant, exhibiting a high-gloss, scratch resistant surface: it offers excellent tear resistance and champion internal strength. As you can tell, this type of material is World’s away from the traditional leathers we are more accustomed to.

The Rainbow Effect:

The Bling MetalX, Shadow, Pellaq and Artboard menu cover ranges are also becoming increasingly popular because they are available in a huge variety of colours, patterns and textures. Such choice enables a venue to really match, complement and accentuate their brand colours, thus improving their overall company image.

Generally speaking, with the more traditional menu covers, colour choices are definitely minimal; ranging mainly from black, to blue, bottle green, red and burgundy. With Shadow, for example, there is in excess of 20 different colours and 4 different patterns.

Comparatively, with Paris Buckram, Soho, Athens and London menu covers, you can choose from over 60 colours.

The Buckram Boom: Reviving Traditional Book-binding Materials:

Moving onto the Buckram menu cover ranges, this is a case of regenerating an old material and bringing it smack-bang-up-to-date in the twenty-first century. Designed to match the traditional library shades, our high strength Buckray book cloth (Library Buckram) is made of 100% cotton with an acrylic coating, which produces an exceptionally high scuff and abrasion resistance covering. The wipeable surface provides excellent foil blocking properties, ensuring your artwork will look truly stunning.

We are also able to purchase the material numbers in an extensive range of colours due to their ability to be naturally dyed. This is fantastic news for restaurants as they finally have the ability to be creative with their hospitality presentation products.

By mixing and matching interior and exterior colours, along with specific personalisation to your venue, they’ll be sure to own something 100% unique; which, on that basis, will promote and uniform many company images.