Winter/Spring 2015 – Dining Trends – Review

Winter/Spring 2015 - Dining Trends - Smart Hospitality Supplies

See below Smart Hospitality’s list of latest dining trends for 2015

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The fast-casual trend is still very much hot on the scene, with recent reports stating that many of the traditional takeaway outlets are actually struggling as a result of such competition. Fast-casual really does seem to have the best formula of all; fresh and quality food, speed of service, value for money, as well as quirky and memorable branding.

Fresh is Best:

Secondly, what the customer wants… the customer will get, and what do most diners want to see on the menu in 2015? Fresh, local produce! You’ve got it, the more local your ingredients are, the more custom you are likely to obtain as a result.  

Street is sweet:

It seems that our increasing appetite for ethnic and fusion street foods is continuing to influence the main dining scene and menus across many established UK eateries.

A Virtual Reality:

Our final food for thought is the increasing use of technology (such as Iphones and Ipads), which in turn have now become an essential part of any hospitality business’s marketing toolkit. Immediate access to restaurant information (mainly via mobile apps), digital menus and even table top tablets are all trends that seem to be taking the dining-out scene by storm. Blink and you’ll miss it!

Change is good – its what keeps the World moving…

That’s the thing with the hospitality industry, it is forever changing and progressing as our sense of fashion and taste evolves. If you want to be a success then you must learn to change with it, whilst retaining your core values and traditions at the same time: this is no mean feat and is one of the main factors that distinguishes the amateurs from the professionals.

If you evolve with the trends, and are sympathetic to what your clientele wants, then you can’t go far wrong. This will mean adapting your menu from time to time, as well as keeping your company brand and image fresh and exciting too: for that you may want to start by injecting some soul into your menu covers.