Table Caddies

Our table caddies allow for you to tidy all of the bits that clutter up your tables in to one nice little display. These table caddies double up ad table tidies and condiment holders and can hold sauces, salt & pepper, menus, cutlery, napkins, and many more items! These caddies can really be a revelation to your presentation and give your guests the best first impression when they are sat down. For the bits to fill your caddies take a look at our table service section for ideas.

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Table Caddy

Available in a multitude of different styles, these table caddies are the ultimate solution to unclutter your restaurant tables. Nothing is more unappealing when sitting down at a table than when it is cluttered up with pots, menus and bottles. These table tidies solve this problem by acting as a way of standing all of these items up and putting them in to one neat display.

These condiment holders also come in handy as a way to take cutlery and sauces to a table if the tables aren't necessarily going to be used just for food. When a table orders food you can then take these handled holders to the table filled with condiments and cutlery for them to enjoy their meal.