Bacardi Martini: Getting into the Menu Cover “Spirit”

When it comes to spirits, Bacardi is the biggest and the best. Established in Santiago de Cuba in 1862, it is the largest family owned and privately held spirits company in the world. Known for the famous white rum, the company now has a portfolio that includes more than 200 different labels and brands.

Smart Hospitality are thrilled to announce that Bacardi have chosen our menu products for many of the venues that they are involved with. These menus will be used in several Bacardi-sponsored venues and will have the Bacardi logo beautifully foiled across the front.

With headquarters in Hamilton, Bermuda, Bacardi sells more than 200 million bottles of their alcoholic spirits every year. These superb spirits are made with the finest ingredients, including yeast grown in the sugarcane fields outside of Santiago de Cuba.

We work together with Bacardi on a number of orders, since they sponsor several venues and purchase wine list covers on their behalf. They will usually do this in return for having the Bacardi logo foiled onto the wine list cover itself. The menus that Bacardi have ordered will be used in many different venues sponsored by the company, from wine bars to nightclubs to restaurants.

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Menu Covers with a Touch of Elegance

Bacardi chooses our wine list covers for this purpose and they mainly select the Soho Buckram Menu Cover design. This product offers 100% cotton material and it is available in more than 60 different colours. It has an elegant and timeless look and it is perfect for an upmarket bistro, club, restaurant or bar. The menu folder is practical and robust, with a scuff proof and water resistant finish, but also very elegant and chic. The surface is well suited to foil blocking and the artwork and logo always looks stunning.

We take pride in ensuring our products are of the best quality. We chose only the most durable and attractive materials and we pay attention to the little details, such as the finished corners and acrylic coating.

There is a reason why Bacardi chooses these menus for their use. If you are looking for a beautiful and stylish menu cover for your high end restaurant or bar, why not consider one of these elegant and attractive designs? They are well suited for any stylish and hip drinking establishment.

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Bacardi is the World’s Most Famous Rum

Don Facundo Bacardi Masso made history when he bought the first rum distillery in Santiago de Cuba in 1862 for only 3,500 pesos. This is where he would pioneer an innovative method that would change the game for the future of rum production.

Don Facundo thought that the currently existing rums were harsh and crude and they were not fit for the sophisticated palettes of the emerging middle class in Cuba. He wanted to create a locally produced spirit that would be elegant and sophisticated, like a fine Cognac. He did this by controlling all aspects of the rum making process and introducing some techniques that he had learned from European spirits. The light and clean taste of the Bacardi Rum made it possible to invent a new style of cocktails, including the Original Bacardi Cuba Libre and the Authentic Bacardi Mojito.

The light and sophisticated rum is created by distilling two separate spirits, the “aguardiente” which offers the backbone for Bacardi and the “redestilado” which is a lighter and more delicate spirit. He made these spirits with his own techniques of charcoal filtration and ageing, creating tools that Maestros de Ron use to this day to create a perfectly balanced spirit. Bacardi has been produced by eight generations of Don Facundo’s family and the tradition shows no signs of stopping anytime soon!

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In 1993 Bacardi merged with Martini & Rossi, the Italian company that produces Martini vermouth and other products such as sparkling wines. This partnership formed the Bacardi-Martini group. Martini & Rossi is a company that formed in the mid-19th century in Pessione, created by three men – winemaker Luigi Rossi, businessman Alessandro Martini and accountant Teofilo Sola. Their vermouth is made from wine, to which sugar, alcohol, herbs and spices have been added.

Smart Hospitality are honoured that our menu cover products have been chosen to represent such a long lasting and well-loved brand. Next time you are in a venue that is sponsored by Bacardi, take a look and see if you can spot one of our Soho Buckram menus.