Food Styling

Food styling that is hot, hot, hot! Helping you to develop, design, prepare and execute exquisite, award winning food dishes that will put your product and venue on the map.

As well as being able to offer a menu conceptualisation service, along with recipes and cooking techniques, we can also style your food for photography and media purposes. Packaging, web, print and PR are just some of the areas where you may require top-notch photographs of your culinary creations.

Sure, you may have the perfect menu in place; beautiful recipes that your kitchen staff present well on the plate – but this is not food styling. Do not be fooled. Food stylists are one-of-a-kind, with a keen eye for design and an understanding of what constitutes a great photo. Furthermore, a food stylist’s job is to translate the perception of aroma, taste and appeal from a dish to a two-dimensional, static image
…a task not for the faint hearted!

With competition ripe, food styling has seen a somewhat revolution as of recent decades. In the past, a food stylist was generally someone who could source and work well with props. Shock horror, it’s true: most photographs of food (think 1980’s cookbooks, packaging, menus, signage) we’re once made from inedible ‘objects’. How times have changed… Food styling is much more hands-on nowadays. Real cooking, with fresh ingredients, whilst often working to incredibly tight deadlines and with more technical photographers – that’s the role of a twenty-first century food stylist.

At Smart Hospitality, our expert food stylists and graphic designers (for we have that card to play to advantage), really engage with the photographer to deliver outstanding results.

focussing on light, angles, colours and backgrounds – every element of your food photography is analysed and staged accordingly. This is particularly challenging when working with certain dishes, such as soups, stews and curries, but nothing fazes us! Whatever culinary masterpiece you want to shoot, we’ll deliver.

Smart Hospitality Marketing is a unique blend of graphic designers, successful restaurateurs and hoteliers, product manufacturers and marketing gurus. With such a collaboration of minds at the helm, we really are the business when it comes to launching or reinventing your venue.