Framed Plastic Menu Covers – An Inexpensive, Quality Menu Cover For All…

Framed Menu Covers - Smart Hospitality Supplies

Framed Plastic Menu Covers, Jurbys, American Menus or even US Menu Covers; call them what you will, these are definitely the lowest-priced menu covers currently on offer in the UK.

In the restaurant and hospitality business you need to look the part, and showcase your offerings in a classic and classy fashion. Having said that, finances will often dictate an outcome where desirability and good taste need to be reigned in a little. So, let’s get down to business.

Framed Plastic Menu Covers are ‘Budget Busting’!

You are on an extremely tight budget (it is a recession after-all) and you want to spend the least amount of money you possibly can, whilst still retaining a high-quality, commercial menu cover. Well fear not, it’s completely doable and the costs are incredibly low in the wider scheme of things:

At Smart Hospitality Marketing, we call this very special (purse-friendly) range, Framed Plastic Menu Covers. Made from 440 micron rigid clear PVC (which is the thickest on the market), our Framed Menu Covers are trimmed in either a luxury nylon or leatherette and are double-stitched for extra strength. The corners can be protected using either brass, silver or black edges.

Simple, versatile and get the job done!

What’s so special about this range is that plastic menu covers are extremely versatile, enabling you to be completely flexible and original with your front cover menu design. The covers themselves are very simple to use, with openings on the inside edge of the frames, where you can slot your menu pages in swiftly, back-to-back. This is particularly useful if your menu changes seasonally.

Furthermore, by printing on thicker paper and using a good graphic designer to create a fabulous template that you then can update, you’ll be able to look the part without having to pay the hefty price tag.

Quick turnaround menu covers:

On a final note, our Framed Plastic Menu Covers are a superb buy for those restaurateurs on a tight deadline too. As they cannot be personalised, we can provide very quick turnaround times for when you need covers fast. So, if there’s two days to go to opening, fear not – we’ll always be able to help you with something.

So in short, the answer is yes. Yes, you can buy relatively cheap menu covers that don’t compromise quality and, once spruced up with your beautifully designed menu cards, will dazzle your customers. Want to have a closer look?