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Wooden Table Numbers - Smart Hospitality Supplies

In the hospitality business, orderliness is vital to attracting and retaining customers. For instance, a well-arranged and organised restaurant with an excellent seating arrangement will make customers love to visit again.

Wooden Table Numbers – Smart Hospitality Supplies

One of the ways to achieve this feat is by using real wood table numbers. But to understand Wooden table numbers, we must first grasp the fundamental idea of table numbers.

Table numbering is a standard daily practice in the hospitality industry, and it could stand you out from your competitors if you’re doing it right. Real wood table numbers are one of the popular ways to utilise table numbering effectively.

Table numbering in restaurants is a basic method that entails all restaurant’s process flow, from customers’ seating arrangements, table combinations, food and drink delivery. With the restaurant’s table numbers, more advanced service can be provided, such as optimizing floor plans.

These table numbers may be numerals, names, places, or other arbitrary designations. It makes it easier for guests to find their seats, and they are even more helpful on exceptional occasions like a special day or a big day.

Wooden Table Signs

SKU: RS135
Availability: 3-5 Days (Made to Order)
£2.25£3.00 ex VAT
Pack Size 1
£2.25£3.00 ex VAT

Solid Plain Redwood Block with choice of Gold or Silver plate

Solid Plain Redwood Block with choice of Gold or Silver plate

Olympia Acacia Menu Holder and Reserved Sign

SKU: CL381
Availability: Next Day
£41.17 ex VAT
Pack Size 10
£41.17 ex VAT

35(H) x 150(W) x 35(D)mm. Acacia Wood. Pack Quantity: 10.

35(H) x 150(W) x 35(D)mm. Acacia Wood. Pack Quantity: 10.

Olympia Acacia Table Number Signs Numbers

SKU: CL392
Availability: Next Day
£21.96 ex VAT
Pack Size 10
£21.96 ex VAT

55(H) x 35(W) x 35(D)mm. Acacia Wood. Pack Quantity: 10

55(H) x 35(W) x 35(D)mm. Acacia Wood. Pack Quantity: 10

Peg Pub Chalkboard – Small Size

SKU: AB117
£2.94 ex VAT
Pack Size 6
£2.94 ex VAT

Pegged Pub Chalkboard. A small restaurant chalkboard with a peg attached for a versatile display solution with many uses. Pegged

What are the Wooden Table Numbers

Wooden tables numbers offer a cost-effective way to display numbers while adding a unique touch to it

They are made from substantial wood, and the numbers are printed in a size that is easy to read and avoids being gaudy.

Due to its simple design and low cost, stunning wooden table numbers have become one of the most popular types of table numbers used in restaurants and at events like a wedding reception all over the world.

Another idea for a wooden table number is to utilise a piece of wood to carve out the numbers that will be displayed in your restaurant or at your event.

You can cut the wood into little sizes with numbers written on them; the wood are specially carved in the shape of various numbers in this case. This style of table number illuminates creativity and lifts your guests’ spirits.

So, depending on how you want it to be, wooden table numbers can have a variety of perfect themes.

One advantage of the wooden form of table numbers is that you can create another concept without giving much thought to the cost.

Let’s explore the significance of wooden table numbers in restaurants and other settings to learn more about their usefulness and importance.

Wooden Table Numbers – Smart Hospitality Supplies

Benefits of using the Wooden Table Numbers

Organise events

Wooden table numbers, like all other forms, serve a variety of functions

They are generally employed to assist restaurant owners and event planners in deciding how many people to sit at each table, thereby helping guests find their tables.

Add visual flair

After determining how your restaurant will be laid out, you may give each table a number and then designate seats for each customer. This is an effective way to prepare a perfect table for your patrons.

For marketing

To promote networking and cooperation at business events, employing wooden table numbers and seating arrangements is the best approach.

A decorative wooden table number can be used in various ways to convey your unique sense of style.

Easy to customise

Wooden table numbers are above other table numbers because of the inventiveness they convey.

And you can be sure that your consumers will appreciate it significantly whenever you make an effort to make something unique just for them, especially when the things they see suit their tastes.

As a result, using an item like this is an excellent method to employ the creative use of wood to highlight how important your customers are to the restaurant.

They assist the wait staff in remembering each table’s order without confusing things. They are also utilised at events to aid the planning and execution of meal services by wait staff and chefs.

Even if you don’t choose a decorative table number, the restaurant’s personnel can coordinate the meal planning system and the seating using the wooden table numbers to ensure that your customers get the cuisine they request.

It’s cost-effective

The fact that wooden table numbers are less expensive is, by far, one of their most significant benefits and significance.

Without spending a lot of money, they can be quickly manufactured and customised to the owner of the restaurant’s tastes.

Therefore, these table numbers demonstrate to the diners their worth to the establishment and, in the process, keep the establishment’s costs to a minimum.

Dining establishments and gatherings look beautiful with wooden table numbers.

They work nicely for bridal shower decorations of all kinds as well as for events table numbers and wedding table numbers. They serve as excellent intuitive indicators.

Wooden Table Numbers – Smart Hospitality Supplies

Let Smart Hospitality Supplies handle your order!

We have a proven track record of helping restaurant and hospitality business owners like you scale up in the area of smart designs and supplies.

These freestanding real wood table numbers in our stock and available to add to your cart on our online shop. So click to our products offering and add to your basket. We also offer bespoke services, so give us the details of your what you what, and we’d provide you with something beautiful and creative.

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